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At HAINKE FILTERANLANGEN we are convinced that a better workspace with good ventilation and excellent air purification is necessary. Nowadays, almost all of the companies production processes release pollutants to the atmosphere that can affect negatively on the business's growth and we firmly believe that all industries must look after the health of their employees, safety of their workers and protection of the environment.

With more than 30 years of experience, through innovation and design, the best use of technology, team work and a strong communication between client/worker/company/supplier, we have accomplished to offer products with the best possible quality for the purification and cleanness of all the prodution industries. 

For these reasons HAINKE FILTERANLANGEN produce, set up filter systems and offer all varieties of components or replacement pieces for any production process. We have been in industries like recycling, food, wood, metals, mining, plastic, etc, and you can be sure that you will find the right solution with us. If you can't localize the product that you are looking for, we have the capacity of design, creativity and production for any specific filter that you may require.

With our top notch knowhow and experienced team, we are here for you to work out the best possible and tailored version of your filtering. We invite you to get your quote for free and we will guarantee the best quality and service. 

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