Feedstock systems

Due to our high level of expertise in filtering systems we are always looking for the best fitting options for you as our client. From the first contact to the startup of your implementation.

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Grain processing free of dust

Filtering for feedstock systems

We provide all filtering for your feedstock company, starting at raw material processing throughout all production steps. HAINKE is looking forward to being your partner right from the start.

Pre-hopper for compacting

Pre-hoppers  are designed to level the capacitiy within. The integrated mechanical bypass system, (optional), such as a dosing screw prevents from system blocking and thus safeguards the systems flow. Indicators of FULL + EMPTY stop overstocking as well as full discharging during regular operation. Therefore, a 100% pre-filling is mandatory. Pre-hoppers are designed and crafted individually. 

Crafting is done by modular system at suitable projects. 

  • i.e. 7,20 m³ (1320 x 1320 x 5530 mm)   
  • i.e. 11,620 m³ (1650 x 1650 x 6030 mm)

Filtering for mineral industries

For your mineral plant, we can provide ALL needed  filtering systems from the first step like processing raw material followed by all lines of production itself. Simply contact us, we provide solutions. 

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